Project Nur Launches “Voices Against Radicalism” Campaign

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International Youth Day #IYD2014 Instagram Selfie Contest! | August 12, 2014 is International Youth Day. During this time, the world…

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Definitions: The Importance of Terminology when Discussing Terror

aic | October 24, 2014

By Jessica Smelser, Program Coordinator for Project Nur Media these days is a funny thing: you can read one sentence from a news agency’s Facebook page and feel like you know everything about a subject. Read the comments on the article, and it’s clear many people didn’t even read it. Instead, they’re reacting to the words in the title. Language… Read More

Qatari Women’s Basketball Team Refuse to Play Without Hijabs

aic | October 23, 2014

Karim Jaafar/AFP/Getty Images   by Michael Semel Muslim women face enough obstacles today living in a society where they are frequently discriminated against and face misogynistic treatment. Last month, the Qatari women’s basketball team encountered another obstacle when the International Basketball Association, or FIBA, stood by its outdated rule of banning the wearing of hijabs and other head coverings as a… Read More

Curbing Terrorist Financial Networks and Defeating ISIS

aic | October 22, 2014

by Nicole Mitchell, Project Nur Program Coordinator Dr. Amit Kumar held a discussion on October 16, 2014 on the comparison of financing networks of terrorists in the Middle East and South Asia, as part of an ongoing lecture series at the Middle East Institute that I had the pleasure of attending.   The methods, motivations, and success of these financial networks… Read More

Voices Against Radicalism attend Spread Hummus Not Hate event

aic | October 14, 2014

Voices Against Radicalism attend Spread Hummus Not Hate event by Taameem Almaliki, Project Nur Coordinator at American Islamic Congress Today at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD), I attended a fun and meaningful event called Spread Hummus Not Hate. I thought the mission of the event aligned well with our current campaign, Voices Against Radicalism. The event was simple… Read More