• Project Nur Launches “Voices Against Radicalism” Campaign

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AIC Extends Sympathy to the Victims of the Orlando Shooting, their Families, and the LGBT community | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: American Islamic Congress 1718 M Street NW, #243…

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Election Countdown Series: The Importance of Muslim Political Engagement

aic | October 28, 2016

By Matthew Agar, Program Coordinator, American Islamic Congress This is the first piece in a series on Muslims and the 2016 Presidential Elections. This election has turned out to be a monumental moment for Muslim Americans. Of the substantive issues brought up during the Presidential debates, issues of Islamophobia, countering violent extremism, and refugees are front and center. This begs the question:… Read More

Former Ba’athists Rising Through the Ranks of ISIL

aic | June 10, 2015

[caption id="attachment_8864" align="aligncenter" width="610"] Credit: The Guardian[/caption] by Dana Simcox The Islamic State owes much of its military success to the expertise and leadership provided by Saddam Hussein’s former army officers. ISIL has managed to develop an extensive hierarchy brimming with old Ba’athist party members from pre-war Iraq. Though the Ba’athist creed is purportedly secular and nationalist—seemingly at odds with… Read More

Why do people continue to join the Islamic State?

aic | March 09, 2015

by Daniel Patrick Shaffer On March 4, 2015 I attended a talk entitled “Arab Public Opinion on Terrorism: A Ground View From Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, and Libya” at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. The burning question that is so prevalent in think tanks, universities, administrations, and even households around the world is: Why are… Read More

The Change that Egyptians Thought Would be Easy

aic | January 18, 2015

  by Mohamed Taman On these days 4 years ago-- during the week of January 19, 2011--we (Egyptians) were very excited about what happened in Tunisia: from the overthrow of their president to the democratic change that they started. I was heading out for that day for work and university. While I was talking to my colleagues, I could tell… Read More