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Intel Chiefs: Syria a ‘Huge Magnet’ for International Terrorists

01/30/2014 | Uncategorized

The protracted three-year civil war in Syria has created an international hotbed of terrorism that threatens the United States homeland and is likely to grow even worse in the months […]


Terrorism suspect challenges warrantless surveillance

01/30/2014 | Domestic news

A Colorado man facing terrorism charges became the first criminal defendant to challenge the constitutionality of the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance program. Jamshid Muhtorov, a refugee from Uzbekistan, filed […]


Petraeus: Snowden did most damage of any ‘turncoat’

01/29/2014 | Domestic news

Retired four-star Gen. David Petraeus said Tuesday that Edward Snowden has done colossal damage in leaking highly classified U.S. documents. He made the comments in a discussion at The Institute […]


Syrian Talks Disrupted by Congress’s Approval of Aid to Rebels

01/29/2014 | Uncategorized

GENEVA — New fireworks erupted at talks between the Syrian government and the opposition here on Tuesday, as the government sharply criticized a recent decision by the United States Congress […]


Congress secretly approves U.S. weapons flow to ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels

01/28/2014 | Domestic news

(Reuters) – Light arms supplied by the United States are flowing to “moderate” Syrian rebel factions in the south of the country and U.S. funding for months of further deliveries […]


Syria Talks Fail to Yield Pact to Lift Aid Blockade

01/28/2014 | Uncategorized

GENEVA — The Syrian government on Monday failed to authorize an international aid convoy to enter blockaded areas in the city of Homs, as the opposition’s Western backers declared that […]


Syria Willing to Let Some Leave Area It Barricaded

01/27/2014 | Uncategorized

GENEVA — The Syrian government said on Sunday at peace talks here that it was willing to allow women and children to leave a blockaded area of the city of […]


Privacy or Security: a False Choice

01/24/2014 | Domestic news

In the wake of all the “leaks” by Edward Snowden of the National Security Agency’s collection programs and the resulting debate over those programs, one constantly hears from elected officials […]


Syria peace talks on verge of collapse before they begin

01/24/2014 | Uncategorized

(Reuters) – Syria’s first peace talks were on the verge of collapsing on Friday before they began, with the opposition refusing to meet President Bashar al-Assad’s delegation and the government […]


Syrian Peace Talks Open With Vitriol, as Official Rails at Rebels

01/23/2014 | Uncategorized

MONTREUX, Switzerland — From its early moments on Wednesday, the long-delayed peace conference on Syria was marked by acrimony when Syria’s foreign minister described Syrian rebels as “evil” and ignored […]