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Former Ba’athists Rising Through the Ranks of ISIL

06/10/2015 | Blog

by Dana Simcox The Islamic State owes much of its military success to the expertise and leadership provided by Saddam Hussein’s former army officers. ISIL has managed to develop an […]


AIC supported Samantha Elauf’s petition before the Supreme Court

06/4/2015 | Domestic news

The American Islamic Congress was 1 of 15 civil and religious organizations that supported Samantha Elauf’s petition in a brief for the Supreme Court. In 2008, Ms. Elauf interviewed with […]


AIC’s Executive Director speaks with NPR Berlin and America Abroad on Countering Violent Extremism

AIC’s Executive Director, Zainab Al-Suwaij spoke at a live town hall event in Philadelphia with Jacki Lyden and NPR’s Paris correspondent Eleanor Beardsley from Berlin. America Abroad Media and NPR Berlin […]