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Letter from AIC’s 2010 Annual Report 

Dear Friends,

When the American Islamic Congress (AIC) opened its first office in 2001, I never dreamed the organization would go so far so quickly.   From that one small office, AIC has grown to five offices, acclaimed national and international programming, and a dedicated staff with their sights set on fostering understanding and cooperation both at home and abroad.

In 2001, I remember that interfaith and intercultural dialogue momentarily came to a halt as communities retreated into themselves, unable to unite on the similarities that cut across all American communities.  When we formed AIC, we immediately began publishing editorials, speaking to interfaith audiences, and reaching out to public officials. In our first year, we produced several handbooks to help the public – both Muslim and non-Muslim – navigate the post-9/11 climate in America.

Since then, our programs, both national and international, has grown exponentially.  Project Nur, our on-campus, student activism organization, grew to 39 chapters across the country. The Muslim Interfaith Council, which brings together prominent Muslims and non-Muslims within communities, create understanding.  Every day they demonstrate the power of our voices in calling for improved intra- and inter-faith relations, civil rights, and human rights.

In Egypt, AIC’s Cairo office builds civil society by promoting dialogue on civil rights and human rights.  Our efforts have gained attention not just from students and community members—but also from Egypt’s security forces, who threatened to shut down AIC Cairo’s first ever Human Rights Film festival.  In Iraq, AIC’s Ambassadors for Peace is building a movement for peace by bringing together religious and tribal leaders, teachers, and the community around a common goal.  Iraq staff actively intervenes in conflicts interrupting violence before it spreads.  Our success has led to requests to expand the program to Baghdad’s most tenuous neighborhoods.

For AIC, the past year has been truly groundbreaking.  The next years promise to be even better.


Zainab Al-Suwaij

Executive Director