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Former Ba’athists Rising Through the Ranks of ISIL

06/10/2015 | Blog

by Dana Simcox The Islamic State owes much of its military success to the expertise and leadership provided by Saddam Hussein’s former army officers. ISIL has managed to develop an […]


Why do people continue to join the Islamic State?

03/9/2015 | Blog

by Daniel Patrick Shaffer On March 4, 2015 I attended a talk entitled “Arab Public Opinion on Terrorism: A Ground View From Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, and Libya” at the […]


The Change that Egyptians Thought Would be Easy

01/18/2015 | Blog

  by Mohamed Taman On these days 4 years ago– during the week of January 19, 2011–we (Egyptians) were very excited about what happened in Tunisia: from the overthrow of […]


AIC Condemns Cowardly Acts by Radicals in Australia and Pakistan

12/16/2014 | Blog

AIC is saddened by the news of the taking of hostages by an ISIL-supporter in Sydney, Australia on December 15, 2014 and today’s terrible news of the murder of over […]


“Be the Eye” Training for Election Monitoring in Tunisia

12/4/2014 | Blog | Tunisia

On November 21-22 at the Public Library in Gabes, the American Islamic Congress, in partnership with MEPI Alumni Local Chapter Tunisia, Will and Citizenship Organization and the Ambassadors’ Institute for […]


Thoughts on “ISIS and the Question of Islamic Militancy” Event

12/2/2014 | Blog | Project Nur

Credit: Bob Grahm Center for Public Service at the University of Florida by Daniel Patrick Shaffer I recently attended an academic panel hosted by the newly founded Center for Global […]


The Continuous Problem of Perpetuating Stereotypes

11/5/2014 | Blog | Uncategorized

Credit: Buzzfeed and Twitter by Zara Marvi Every year people get excited for the opportunity to dress up in costume for Halloween. Many people get the chance to show off […]


Sexual Slavery of Women under the name of Sex Jihad

10/27/2014 | Blog | Project Nur

Al-Shorouk Newspaper, 2014   by Taameem Almaliki, Project Nur Program Coordinator Since the war started in Syria, we continue to hear ugly words. One such word is Jihad Nikah, which […]


Qatari Women’s Basketball Team Refuses to Play Without Hijabs

10/23/2014 | Blog

  by Michael Semel Muslim women face enough obstacles today living in a society where they are frequently discriminated against and face misogynistic treatment. Last month, the Qatari women’s basketball team […]