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Chemical Disarmament & Lebanization of Syria

10/9/2013 | Blog | Nasser Weddady

By Nasser Weddady The recent agreement between the United States, Russia, and Syria’s ruler Bashar Al Assad to hand over all of the Syrian chemical arsenal has been hailed by […]


Somali Americans Crucial for Bringing Down Al Shabab

by Nasser Weddady Following an attack by a militant Islamic group al-Shabab on Kenya’s Westgate mall in Nairobi on September 21, which left at least 60 dead, a small group […]


Nasser Weddady quoted Boston Globe, “Conventional killings left out of Syria debate”

On September 12, Nasser Weddady was quoted in the Boston Globe article, “Conventional killings left out of Syria debate.” Click here to read the article.    


In Syria, Neglecting Local Councils Would Play in the Hands of Extremist Groups

09/6/2013 | Blog | Nasser Weddady | News

By Nasser Weddady Ms K is a young Syrian from the Idlib province in Northern Syria I met in Turkey this summer. She is part of a local group of […]


Weddady on PRI’s “The World”: A View from the Syrian/Turkish Border

On August 29, AIC Outreach Director Nasser Weddady spoke with PRI’s “The World” host Marco Werman about his recent experience on the Syrian border. Click here to listen to the interview.


Nasser Weddady in the New York Times, “A Failure of Strategy in the Sahel”

On August 7, AIC Outreach Director Nasser  Weddady writes  in The New York Times about the rising kidnappings in Africa. Click here to read the blog post.


Nasser Weddady takes part in a panel discussing the experience of dealing with an authoritarian past

06/18/2013 | Nasser Weddady | News

moderated by Pavel Fisher, Political Director of the Czech MFA, streamed live by TunisiaLive, Jun. 18, 2013


NPR: After Two Years In Hiding, A Bahraini Blogger Escapes

05/21/2013 | Nasser Weddady | News

NPR’s “Parallels” spoke with Bahraini blogger Ali Abdulemam and AIC’s Director of Outreach Nasser Weddady about Abdulemam’s years in hiding and his recent escape. Read the full article here.


NECN: Terror attacks are individual actions

05/14/2013 | Nasser Weddady | News

AIC’s Director of Outreach Nasser Weddady spoke on New England Cable News (NECN) emphasizing that attacks like those of the Boston bombing are not representative of Islam and testifying to […]


HUFFINGTON POST: Boston Interfaith Service Includes Prayers From Obama, And Catholic, Muslim, Jewish Clergy

04/19/2013 | Nasser Weddady | News

The Huffington Post covers Thursday’s Interfaith Service for victims of the Boston attacks. AIC’s Nasser Weddady spoke at the service, sharing his story of becoming a United States citizen last […]