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Home & Away: Shared Narratives of Gendered Identity is a unique arts and culture series spotlighting the work of four Boston-based female artists from Iran, Pakistan, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. The series aims in part to address a lack of exhibits by contemporary Muslim artists in Boston’s galleries and museums, a void that reinforces the perception that Muslim art is limited to calligraphy and rugs. In fact, Boston is home to a vibrant scene of stereotype-shattering artistic innovators from across the Muslim world.

“Home and Away” showcases four diverse examples of this new paradigm of artist: female, of Muslim heritage, and shaped by complex hybrid identities – some with a hidden Jewish heritage, others with seemingly contradictory roots (e.g. Mecca and New Mexico). The shapes, colors, textures, and subject matter provides insight beyond words, offering a window into the past, and a microcosmic view of the issues and experiences that shape so many women today.

In addition to four debut exhibits, AIC will host a series of cultural events to complement each artist’s work, including concerts by local musicians, intercultural networking events, and discussion panels. Join us for an exploration of Muslim culture – looking beyond theology to the rich and complex identity of the individual.

This program is supported in part by a grant form the Boston Cultural Council, a local agency which is funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, administrated by the Mayor’s Office of Arts, Tourism, and Special Events.


About the Artists

Niloofar Ziae

Samina Quraeshi

Chaimae Mechtaly

Nada Farhat




Photos from AIC’s Muslim Women in Arts Series

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    Mother and daughter Samina Qureshi and Sadia Shepard spoke about their work, in particular their most recent work on women’s right and social entrepreneurship programs in Pakistan, during a MWITA event
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    Artist Samina Quraeshi sings to her granddaughter in Urdu
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    Armeen Musa performs during artist Nada Farhat's opening reception
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    The crowd listens to Armeen; Nada's work hangs on the gallery walls
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    AIC staff hang artist Chaimae Mechtaly's works
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    Amoud Band performs during AIC's Mimouna celebration featuring artist Chaimae Mechtaly
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    The crowd enjoys the music at the Mimouna celebration; Chaimaes's work can be seen on the gallery walls