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There is an ancient saying. “Keep the Qur’an in the right hand and science in the left.” On the surface this saying implies a distinct division between Islam and science. Looking deeper, we realize that the right is the dominant hand. So while Muslims study science, they should always look back and defer to the Qur’an. What science cannot answer will be found in the Qur’an. Allah is Supreme. What is the reality for today’s American Muslims? Where do modern Muslims stand on evolution or the big bang theory? Do today’s Muslims keep a strict division between their faith and science? The answers to those questions are unknown.
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About the Series

Science and Islam is a groundbreaking series of dialogues analyzing the intersection of Islamic faith and science. Dialogues, held at college campuses across the country, address issues like creation, evolution and extraterrestrial life. A panel of prominent Muslim scientist, along with students and other audience members, explores Muslim perspectives on science and discusses how Muslim Americans grapple with some of today’s scientific advancements.

Upcoming Events

Tomorrow’s World: Religion or Science?

Fall 2013

Extraterrestrial Life: An Islamic Perspective

Spring 2014

Islamic Scientific Contributions to Civilization

Fall 2014

Past Events

Creation of the Universe: Qu'ranic Concepts and Scientific Theories, University of Iowa

Reconciling Muslim Tradition and the Theory of Evolution, Boston University

Religious Orthodoxy and the Battle for Rationality, The George Washington University


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